Feral Hog Hunting & Cooking School

This is our bread-and-butter class.  Located on a sprawling, hog-infested ranch nestled amongst the oak and mesquite covered hills along the banks of Lake Corpus Christi, this class includes 3 guided hunts, along with cleaning, butchering and cooking classwork.

Day 1.  Arrival, and lunch (you guessed it - wild boar).  After lunch, we will head to the range and sight rifles in and discuss hunting basics and safety.  After this, as the afternoon shadows get long, we head to the blinds in search of feral hogs.  That evening after the hunt, we will convene at the cleaning station to begin the next step of game processing.  Here, our staff will demonstrate the vital steps of efficient animal skinning and eviscerating, and students are encouraged and assisted in "getting in there" and learning, hands-on.  Once the first hunts' animals are cooling down in the walk-in, it's time for dinner by the fire.

Day 2.  Up early.  Again, we head to the blinds and reconvene at the cleaning station after another hunt for more instruction.  After a quick shower and lunch, we begin the first part of the class: butchery.  Here, hogs are broken down into manageable and cook-able pieces by chef Jesse, with a distinct focus on empowering the home cook/hunter to utilize their animals to the absolute fullest.  Post-butchery, we move on to the cooking, charcuterie, packaging and final uses of these animals.  In this section, we spend a good deal of time on sausage and maximized use of feral hogs.  That night, many of the day's preparations are presented at the Guide's Dinner, where our team of guides, the ranch owner and all of the clients enjoy a huge wild boar feast prepared by our Camp Chef Morgan Angelone.

Day 3.  Up early again, and on another hunt.  After this hunt, we have another meal, and begin packing up everyone's animals for them to take home and apply their new skills on.  We cannot stress enough bringing BIG coolers to this class; our clients often go home with lots and lots of beautiful game.

Included in this trip:

All lodging (double occupancy)

3 guided/semi-guided (depending on skill level) hunts

All meals prepared with local ingredients

Skinning and eviscerating demonstrations

Class on butchery, cooking, charcuterie and packaging of feral hogs

A signed copy of Afield: a chef's guide to preparing and cooking wild game and fish

$2,250 per person


November 10th - 12th SOLD OUT


March 9th - 11th SOLD OUT