Bread Baking

Monday, June 26th, 6-9pm

Join Dai Due Pastry Chef Abby, a master at the fine and patient art of bread baking, for a 3 hour class on the basics and particulars of baking quality loaves.  From sourdoughs to sweet breads, this hands-on class will show aspiring bakers how to choose grains, make sourdough starters, knead, form doughs and bake artisanal loaves at home.  Students take home not only freshly baked loaves, but also unbaked dough to apply their newfound skills on and a sourdough starter (made from wild grapes growing in the alley across the street from Dai Due).  Breads covered include sourdough, whole grain, challah, focaccia and a beer batter quickbread. Classes are held in our butcher shop at 2406 Manor Road, Austin, Texas.



Gulf Seafood

Monday, July 10th, 6-9pm

With the coast just a short 3 hours away, we are often amazed at the bounty offered to us by the Gulf.  With summer heating up, the variety of seafood options gets really good in June.  Included in this class are techniques on cleaning fish (halfshell, fillet, scaling, flounder fillets and whole preparations), cleaning shrimp (and types of Gulf shrimp), making cold preparations (ceviche, aguachile, escabeche and campechana), stock and soup, basic sauces to go with seafood, frying fish and tamale making.  Included in the class is a tasting of everything we make, from raw to soup.  This is a great class to improve and diversify your seafood game. Classes are held in our butcher shop at 2406 Manor Road, Austin, Texas.



Feral Hog Butchery

Monday, July 24th, 6-9pm

The proverbial elephant in the room, feral hogs are inevitably interwoven into just about any conversation in Texas concerning hunting, farming or food.  Highly destructive, invasive and fecund, these wild pigs present one of the few solutions in life that almost makes the problem not so bad:  they're delicious.  So, let's score one for the farmers, baby quail, potato crops and clean rivers and eat every last one of them.  

This class covers the butchery of feral hogs, including chops, ribs, bellies, hams, tenderloins, shoulder roasts, shanks and cutlets.  Increased focus is placed on differing sizes, sexes and fat content of hogs in order to discern the highest and best use of each individual hog that's been trapped or hunted.  Stock-making, lard rendering, sausage-making and slow cooking are all part of this 3+ hour class. Classes are held in our butcher shop at 2406 Manor Road, Austin, Texas.