The beverage menu at Dai Due is a modest selection of all house-made sodas, aguas frescas, shrubs and tisanes, with quality coffees and locally grown teas always available. Our wine list is all Texas-grown, and our beers mostly hail from our hometown or nearby.

Mesquite Bean Cola  $3
Organic Limeade  $3
Blueberry Shrub  $3
Black Yaupon Iced Tea  $2.50
Sparkling Water  $3/liter
Café de Olla (cold brewed or hot)  $3
Mint, Hoja Santa & Chamomile Tisane  $3

French Presses  
Cuvee Coffee, San Jose Ocana  $4/7
Black Yaupon Tea, Cat Spring, Texas  $4
Green Yaupon Tea, Cat Spring, Texas  $4 

Chamomile & Elderflower Sparkling
      Cocktail  $8
Strawberry White Wine Punch  $8 

Tap Wine by the Glass, 1/2 Liter or Liter
Trebbiano, Duchman Vineyards 2013
Aglianico Blend, Bending Branch Winery

Cider, Sparkling & Rosé Wines
Heirloom Apple and Muscat Blend
      “Grafter Blanc” Small Batch Cider,    
      Texas Keeper  $10/36
Blanc de Noirs, Gruet, NV, New Mexico
Cinsault Blend, Lewis Wines 2016  $8/30
Malbec, William Chris Vineyards 2016

Dessert Wine
Madeira, Haak Vineyards & Winery  $9

White Wines
Blanc du Bois Blend “Swim Spot” Lewis
      Lewis Wines  $9/32
Vermentino, Duchman Vineyards 2015
Marsanne, Lost Draw Cellars 2015  $12/42
Malvasia & Muscat Blend “Mary Ruth” 
      William Chris Vineyards  2015  $12/42
Chardonnay, Fall Creek Vineyards 2014

Red Wines
Mourvèdre, William Chris Vineyards 2015
Tempranillo Blend, Tranquilo Cellars
      2015  $9/32
Aglianico, Duchman Winery 2012  
Tinto Cao, Lewis Wines 2013  $76
Petite Sirah, Westcave Cellars 2014  $72
Malbec, William Chris Vineyards 2015  $55
Mourvèdre Blend “Barranca” Kuhlman
      Cellars 2014  $66
Tannat, Bending Branch Winery 2012  $62
Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Fall Creek
      Vineyards  2014  $62
Cabernet Sauvignon, Newsom Vineyards,
      Lewis Wines 2012  $78

Draft Beers
Red Horn “Wonder Boy” Hefeweisen $6
Austin Beerworks “Saccharification”
       Tart Saison  $6
Lone Pint “Po-Cha-Na-Quar-Hip” 
       Braggot Honey Mead Ale  $6
New Braunfels Brewing “Cosmic Dancer”
       Barrel-Aged Weisenbock  $6/6oz
4th Tap “Zephyr” Pale Ale  $6
Red Horn, Coffee Stout $6

Large Format Beers
Adelberts, 2015 “Vintage Nun” 
Jester King “Gotlandsdricka” Smoked
      Beer  $10/gl   $32/750mL
Real Ale, Mysterium Verum
      “Benedictum” Barrel-Aged
      Sour Cherry Brown Ale  $30/500mL
Pinthouse “Fully Adrift” Double IPA
      with Coffee  $30/650mL

Canned Beers
Blackwater Draw, Mexican-Style Lager  $4
Independence “Red Bud”
      Berliner Weisse  $4
Austin Beerworks “Pearl Snap” Pilsner  $4
Brazos Valley “Killin’ Time” Blonde
      Ale  $4
Brazos Valley “Mama Tried” 
      Citra IPA $4