Easter Preorders

The Butcher Shop is now taking orders for Easter! Please call the Butcher Shop at 512.524.0688 during business hours to place your order.  We are not able to take orders via email.

Pickup Schedule:

Thursday, April 18th, 11am - 10pm.

Friday, April 19th, 11am - 10pm.

Saturday, April 20th, 10am - 10pm.  

The Easter Bunny. A Dai Due Easter tradition for almost a decade, and a customer favorite. We take a whole rabbit and partially debone it, then stuff it with a decadent mix of cream, sweetbreads, bacon, mushrooms, brandy, thyme and breadcrumbs and then tie it. Gently brown and braise this bunny, slice and serve with mashed potatoes.

$24/lb.  Each rabbit is approximately 2-3 lbs.

Rack of Lamb. These 8 bone Dorper Lamb racks are perfect for roasting in a hot oven or grilling to medium-rare.

We're proud to showcase Dorper lamb for all our Easter Specials, as it is sweet and mild with a nice fat content.

$32/lb, racks are about 1.5 lbs each.

Lamb and Artichoke Sausage.  Dorper lamb, pork, fresh artichokes, mint and garlic, finely ground and cased. Several of these sausages would make an appealing mixed grill along with other lamb cuts for a showstopping Easter spread.  

$14/lb, about 3 links to the pound/5-6 ounces each; please order by the link.

Marinated Leg of Lamb.  A lamb leg, coated in fresh rosemary, thyme, mint, green garlic, olive oil and dried satsuma. This fully seasoned roast is oven/smoker/grill ready and can be cooked medium-rare and pink, or slow cooked until very tender.

$19/lb, legs are 3-4 pounds each.

Marinated Lamb Sirloin Roast.  These roasts - perfect for a smaller celebration - are marinated in housemade yogurt (for improved tenderness), fresh herbs, dried chilies, garlic and olive oil. Roast or grill this petite cut to medium rare and slice thinly.

$19/lb, roasts are about 1.5-2 lbs each.