Butcher Shop Holiday Menu

The Butcher Shop is now taking orders for the Holidays!  Please call the Butcher Shop at 512.524.0688 to place your order.  

We are not able to take orders via email.

Pick up times are as follows:

Saturday, December 22nd  10am-10pm 

Sunday, December 23rd  10am-10pm

Monday, December 24th   11am-3pm

Whole Smoked Duck We take a beautiful, organically-fed Belle Vie Farm White Muscovy duck and brine it first in a wintery bath of red wine, cinnamon, black garlic and bay laurel before smoking it over oak until fully cooked and mahogany-skinned.  Reheat in the oven until nicely crisped and hot, and serve with mashed (sweet) potatoes and roasted winter vegetables. $25/lb 3-4 pounds fully cooked weight, feeds up to 4 people

Smoked Wild Boar Ham We selected the nice, fat hams off the acorn fattened feral hogs for this Holiday Ham.  These are brined with star anise, bay and brown sugar, then smoked over post oak.  Finish this bone-in ham in the oven, with or without a glaze (but we recommend slathering them with Bavarian Sweet Mustard ($8/jar)). $18/lb, 3-4 lbs fully cooked weight

Wild Boar Tamales Shredded feral hog in spicy Chile Rojo, tucked into traditional tamales made from locally-grown heirloom corn that our sister restaurant, Dai Due Taqueria, nixtamalizes into masa.  This masa is whipped with freshly rendered lard and then wrapped in a corn husk for the classic Christmas tamal experience. $24/dozen

Fresh Masa Nixtamalized and volcanic-stone ground Barton Springs Mill corn, ground fresh daily and ready for your home production of tamales, tortillas, arepas, pupusas, sopes or gorditas.  Nothing compares to fresh masa.  $10/2 pound package

Mincemeat This tradition starts in the early Fall when pears and apples appear and we begin cutting and stewing the fruit with plenty of brandy, organic sugar, spices and savory beef fat.  As new-crop pecans and the first citrus fruit of the year come in, these are added, creating a layered, rich pie filling. $24/quart jar.`

Pie Dough Raw, ready to roll out and bake pie crust made from organic butter and freshly rendered lard.  Good for sweet or savory applications like quiche, mincemeat pie and tarts. $8 each (enough to make one pie).

Breakfast Casserole This layered casserole of buttery biscuits, venison breakfast sausage, Milagro Farm eggs, Stryk cheddar, green onion and herbs is an easy and filling Holiday breakfast or brunch. $40/each, serves 8-10

Pecan Pie New-crop San Saba pecans in the classic filling, made with Steen's Cane Syrup, Milagro Farm eggs, orange zest and butter. $30 each

Ready-to-Bake Cinnamon Rolls Frozen and ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls made with our sourdough levain, redolent of soft Mexican cinnamon, butter, yeast and sugar.  This way, you get to fill your house with one of the best smells known to mankind: baking cinnamon rolls. $18/pan of 8.