Thanksgiving Menu

The Butcher Shop is now taking orders for Brined Thanksgiving Turkeys, Porchetta, Mincemeat, Turducken Sausages, Pies and Pie Crusts! Please call the Butcher Shop at 512.524.0688 during business hours to place your order.  We are not able to take orders via email.

Pick up times:

Monday, November 19th  10am-5pm (restaurant is closed)

Tuesday, November 20th  11am-10pm

Wednesday, November 21st   11am-10pm

SOLD OUT Brined Organic Belle Vie Farm Turkey.  These plump Broad-Breasted White Turkeys from Belle Vie Farm are are fed 100% non-GMO organic feed and forage on grass and grasshoppers in pasture, and brined for three days in our autumnal bath of salt, citrus, garlic and herbs. The brining process makes them juicier, seasoned evenly, and immediately ready for the smoker, oven or fryer.  Recipe here.

$9/lb.  Turkeys estimated at 16-19 lbs each*. 

A Dai Due classic.  A whole pork loin from a fat Twin Oaks Ranch hog, wrapped up in its own belly after being slathered with fragrant fennel fronds, garlic, rosemary, black pepper and Texas olive oil.  Roast this gorgeous cut, slice thickly, and serve with lots of vegetables.  Recipe here.

$18/lb.  Approximate 3 lb. roasts, serves 4-8.

Holiday Mincemeat.  
This tradition starts in the early Fall when pears and apples appear (right now) and we begin cutting and stewing the fruit with plenty of brandy, organic sugar, spices and savory beef fat.  As new-crop pecans and the first citrus fruit of the year comes in, these are added, creating a layered, rich pie filling.

$24/quart jar.

SOLD OUT Turducken Sausage.  
As the name suggests, this sausage is made from turkey (Bella Vie), duck (Belle Vie) and chicken (Dewberry).  After being finely ground and blended with herbs and spices, cornbread (gluten-free) and green onions are added.  The sausage is then poached, and is ready for the grill, the pan or the smoker.

$14/lb, approximate 1 pound links.

Brined Quail. 
These semi-boneless little birds from Texas Quail Farms are marinated and ready to roast or grill and adorn your turkey platter.  $6/each

SOLD OUT Parker House Rolls. 
Classic dinner rolls. Heat and serve. $8/8 rolls 

SOLD OUT Pie Crust.  A raw, ready to bake pie crust made from organic flour, organic butter and freshly rendered lard.  Good for sweet or savory applications like quiche, mincemeat pie and tarts. $8 each (top and bottom crusts to make one pie).

SOLD OUT Apple Pie.  Made with a variety of sweet apples from the Panhandle.  $24

SOLD OUT Buttermilk Pie.  Our housemade buttermilk (made with Mill-King milk) custard, with some sweet south Texas lemon zest.  $24

SOLD OUT Pumpkin Pie.  Judiciously spiced.  $24