The Shop  

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Our classic, old-school butcher shop, open Tuesday through Sunday, offers a nice selection of traditional cuts from whole animals sourced from our ranching partners.  We feature grassfed beef, pastured pork, feral hog, free-roaming venison, goat, lamb, fresh chicken, quail and more, all hand-cut by our butchers.  We source directly from farms and have firsthand knowledge of their practices and standards, and are proud to represent these Texas producers.

Along with this array of grilling, roasting and braising cuts, we present traditional sausages and charcuterie that pay homage to our German, Mexican and Cajun roots.  From fresh breakfast sausages to smoked sausages to terrines and pates, the Butcher Shop is a great place to forage a weekday meal for family, a parrillada for dozens of friends, a dinner party, or the fixings for a simple lunch. We are unable to ship products at this time.