About our Ingredients

We only use food that we can find in our region, so the bounties and scarcities of the seasons are always the theme; we have asparagus for three or four glorious weeks, look forward to the apples in August, and are grateful when we are blessed in the rare year that apricots arrive. We marvel at fall flounder, lament using our last potato for a few months, and miss our South Texas lemons when they disappear in the Spring. But, they always come back next year.

Because of this focus, preservation is key. We dry, can, pickle, ferment, smoke, candy and freeze like pioneers, and we love the challenge and reward of the infinite puzzle of making food in such a beautiful and volatile place.

We do not use vegetables and fruit grown far away, meats from factory farms, fish that are not from our waters, or foreign cheeses.

We cook predominately with Texas olive oil, animal fats from hogs, beef, chicken, and duck, and organic butter. Refined vegetable oils are almost nonexistent in our kitchen.

Almost all of our dry goods and vinegars are certified organic. We buy mostly organic grains and corn grown and milled in Texas.

Our wines and beers are from Texas. The wines are never made from imported grapes.  We believe in these industries and feel that these products represent the true terroir of Texas.

All of our non-alcoholic beverages are made in-house, and likewise reflect the generosities of the markets.